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Roadmap to Dealership Success: Working One Deal From Online to In-store

Article Highlights:

  • Keep online and in-store processes aligned for a smooth customer journey
  • Save time and resources with streamlined processes.

Imagine you’re navigating a winding road, guiding your dealership toward success. Along the journey, you encounter a few bumps – discrepancies in payments and information between online and in-store negotiations. Trying to back into a payment the customer saw online is frustrating and eats into your margins. These roadblocks slow down your progress and leave your customers feeling uncertain.  There should only be one deal – from online to in-store with a seamless flow of information.

Navigating the Journey From Online to In-store

Just as you map out a route for a successful journey, it’s key to map a clear path from online to in-store . It helps ensure the payment options your customers see online align seamlessly with what they encounter in your showroom. A one-deal solution allows you to navigate these transitions with ease, keeping the sales momentum strong.

Here are three ways a connected digital retail solution can help you:

  1. Consistent Process: Eliminate confusion and inconsistencies, ensuring your customers receive the same information regardless of where they interact with your dealership. Whether online or in-store, you can provide accurate calculations for every aspect of the deal.
  2. Streamlined Workflows: Present multiple payment options quickly and effortlessly, whether you’re meeting face-to-face or connecting remotely. This eliminates redundant tasks and streamlines your dealership’s workflow, saving time and resources – allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.
  3. Transparent Guidance: Build trust with your customers by providing transparent information on current programs and special offers, keeping your customers engaged throughout their journey.

Drive Your Dealership to Success

Just as a skilled navigator guides a journey to its destination, you can your dealership to navigate the road to success with confidence, while driving efficiency and accuracy on the dealership side and a smooth, hassle free experience on the consumer side.

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Product Planning, Reynolds and Reynolds

Anne Ravensbeck is a Product Planning manager for Sales and F&I applications at Reynolds and Reynolds.

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