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My Generation: What Millennials Want

Millennial Car Buyers
Article Highlights:

  • Many dealerships aren't meeting my generation's standards for car-buying.
  • 5 ways you can attract a millennial audience.

The day when millennials are the number one customer in the car-buying market is fast approaching. What draws this generation’s attention? The answer may be in plain sight.

I am classified as a millennial, and I recently bought my first car. I visited a few dealerships; some captured my attention better than others. My generation has expectations for its car-buying experience that some dealerships simply don’t meet. Right now is a crucial time to focus on what millennials want from dealerships. We are beginning our careers and starting families. Missing out on our transition to adulthood could affect your business for years to come.

Do you know what we want from our car-buying experience?

My generation lives for convenience, and we are aware we have a voice via social media and the internet. Here are a few things we would love to tweet or post about when purchasing our vehicles:

1. A Twist on Advertising

The popular “visit us!” car commercials don’t cut it anymore. According to MediaPost, one-third of millennials don’t have cable, and that number is increasing. When you make a commercial or an advertisement, use language that draws our interest, not that just informs us of your sales. Make us want to click on your link and go to your website. You can do this by using what you know about our interests and activities to advertise the things we are most likely to buy.  Also, let us know about your dealership’s connections to the community. Do you sponsor local businesses, charities, or a sports team? Showcase it!  Make us see your dealership as a fundamental part of our neighborhood.

2. Customization

When making a large purchase, we want to be treated like royalty. If we call in and schedule a test drive for 2:00, it’s nice to have someone there waiting to ask for me by name. The more customized your dealership is throughout the buying experience, the more likely we are to return for service once we purchase one of your vehicles.

3. Transparency

With credit hacks and other cybersecurity issues recently in news headlines, we are wary to give out information. Having transparency helps us feel more comfortable when working through information-gathering stages. Have your salespeople keep the computer screen turned toward us so we can see where our information is being used.

4. Less Paper and More Electronics

Many of us are environmentally conscious and find new technology fun and exciting. Make the F&I process paperless so signing documents is more enjoyable and less intimidating.

5. Praise

Congratulations! We purchased a vehicle from your dealership and are going to write a review about our experience. If you want to make this process easier on us, beat us to our own game. Ask if you can post a picture of us with our new car on your social media sites, and tell us to check back in to share it. You’ll be able to make us feel like a movie star in our new car, and your dealership name will be broadcasted to all our friends and family.

Millennials have similar standards for other places of business. Use the technology we view as a necessity to get our attention and build brand loyalty. Our generation isn’t difficult to please. All you need are tools that provide an exciting and seamless customer experience.

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Former Marketing Communications, Reynolds and Reynolds

Amanda is a former Marketing Communications Professional at Reynolds and Reynolds.

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