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Connected Podcast: Your August 2020 Recap

Article Highlights:

  • Managing remote customer experiences, deterring dealership theft, and more.
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Providing the remote experience customers expect, preventing dealership theft with checks and balances, and using a combination of mining strategies to sell more vehicles to the right buyers — check out August’s Connected podcast episodes below!


Episode 39: Adapting to Remote Customer Interactions

We talk with Bill Cullen, general manager at Joseph Volkswagen of Cincinnati, about:

  • Responding to newly shaped customer expectations.
  • Simplifying the car-buying experience and removing barriers to purchase.
  • Developing a unique brand to differentiate your dealership from competitors.

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Episode 40: How to Prevent Dealership Theft

Gary Reinhardt, product planning manager at Reynolds and Reynolds, shares the state of theft in the industry. He covers:

  • Basic measures dealers can take to protect their assets.
  • Motivation, opportunity, and execution of stealing.
  • How COVID-19 has increased the risk of theft.

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Episode 41: How to Improve the Customer Experience

Noah Rice, account manager at Reynolds and Reynolds, speaks on the ever-changing expectations customers bring to the dealership. He discusses:

  • Digitizing processes across departments.
  • Offering real-time, virtual vehicle customization.
  • Making ongoing investments in customer experience.

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Episode 42: Data Mining vs. Equity Mining

We speak with Hayley Holmes, product planning manager at Reynolds and Reynolds, about the differences and uses of equity and data mining. She shares:

  • How to identify customers in the market who are ready to buy from you.
  • The benefits of using both data and equity mining together.
  • Why it matters, now more than ever, to target your existing customer base.

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