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3 Fantasy Football Player Types that Resemble Dealership Leads

Article Highlights:

  • Appreciate your superstars; don’t let them slip through your fingers.
  • Get the most out of your sales leads.

With the NFL season underway, fantasy football is in full swing. Managers have just finished their drafts and are now reviewing their lineups deciding who will start for the week. There are a lot of factors that go into these decisions, like which team the player is facing and how the player performed the week before. Much like how a manager builds a team of different types of players, a dealership has to consider the characteristics of potential leads. There are 3 different types of fantasy football players that correlate to sales leads you should consider.

Player 1: The Superstars

Every year you have superstars on your team. Typically, these are the players who are going to put up big numbers each week. So what makes them a superstar? Past performance. If they had productive seasons in the years prior, they are likely to have the same success this year. Or, maybe they showed some potential in the previous season and experts think they might take their play to a whole new level this year. If other players have shown similar potential and went on to be superstars, then it is probable this player will follow that same path.

Right now in your CRM, there are sales leads just like this. These superstar leads, just like the fantasy players, can be determined by previous history. However, instead of looking at player performance, you’ll look at purchase history. Whether it’s someone who trades up every two years or shares buying patterns of other long-term customers, these are your top prospects. These players, or rather leads, should be viewed as can’t-miss opportunities, and your dealership should take every opportunity to connect with them.

Player 2: The Middle of the Road

It would be great if your entire team could be superstars, but that isn’t realistic. Most of your fantasy team will consist of average players who have a very simple role of getting you a couple points each week. The key is knowing how to get the most out of these players. This comes down to doing the proper research. For example, if other running backs have found success against a certain team, there’s a good chance your running back will have similar success. If you’ve seen wide receivers struggling against that team, you may need to reevaluate whether you should play your wide receiver or a different player that week.

Similarly, not every lead a dealership comes across is ready to buy. You’ll come across leads that have potential, but they require you to know how to get the most value out of them. For example, there could be buyers who are researching their best options and you could target them with buy-back or promotional offers that fit their current needs. Then you can nurture those leads as they engage with your website and marketing.

Player 3: The Underdogs

Your team has a couple of superstars and some average players, but there should be a spot or two open for you take a chance on a long shot. These are the players who are either not well known, or have given you reason to pause before you throw them in the game. However, you eventually take the chance on them because they may surprise you. In almost every fantasy league, there are a couple of players who surpass expectations and change the outcome of the season. These underdogs can be some of the most valuable players to a team, and yet, nobody saw it during the draft.

The same can be said with leads. Some leads are worth pursuing more than others, but ignoring the underdogs altogether could possibly mean you miss out on legitimate opportunities that turn into a sale. Let’s say there is a customer who is under water on their vehicle. Most salespeople or CRMs would tell you not to go after that buyer. But then all of the sudden they’ve gotten a raise at work and now they are able to afford a new vehicle, with higher payments. Taking a chance on this lead could result in a long-term customer. Opportunities like these often go unnoticed and become a missed opportunity. Don’t miss these underdogs!

There are many similarities between how a manager handles the players on their fantasy football team and how a manager handles leads coming into a dealership. Knowing how to get the most out of each lead is crucial to the success of your dealership and requires research before making a decision.

Researching each prospect is difficult and time consuming, so take advantage of the resources provided to you. In fantasy football, most sites will provide you with data on each player and give you enough information for you to make a decision. Dealerships are like this as well: there are resources available that can help present leads and recommend which ones are worth pursuing. These could include activities in your CRM that can identify mid-level or underdog leads that you haven’t considered before. Even comparing the buying patterns of customers is useful information for you to consider.  Overall, knowing how to utilize the various resources and get the most out of every lead will help get more sales, and just like a fantasy football manager, win your season.

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Product Planning Manager for CRM Applications

Alex Spidare is a Product Planning manager for CRM applications at Reynolds and Reynolds including FOCUS and FOCUS Mobile.

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