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Mastering Customer Communications: The Power of Call Tracking

Article Highlights:

  • Provide insights into customer interactions and deliver personal answers.
  • Measure campaign effectiveness and allocate resources.

In the competitive world of automotive retailing, establishing effective communications with customers is paramount to building strong relationships and driving sales. Many dealerships and OEMs have turned to a dedicated Business Development Centre to achieve effective communication, but simply answering the phones when they ring isn’t enough in today’s market. Your team needs to have excellent phone skills in order to build trust and a true relationship. How do you know what’s happening on the phones in your dealership? The first step is visibility through call tracking.

Call tracking is a powerful tool that provides valuable insights into your team’s customer interactions over the phone. You can uncover key patterns and trends by analyzing call data, allowing your team to enhance their performance and tailor their approach accordingly.

So, how can you leverage call tracking to improve your team’s phone skills?

  1. Customer Patterns: Identify common customer questions, concerns, and preferences. Understanding these patterns enables your team to anticipate customer needs, address them proactively, and provide a personalized experience that resonates with each individual customer.
  2. Sales Performance Improvement: Gain visibility into your team’s performance during customer interactions with recorded conversations and metrics. Monitoring metrics such as call duration, call volume, and missed opportunities helps you identify areas for improvement and provide targeted coaching and training. This leads to more effective sales strategies and increased conversion rates.
  3. Marketing Optimization: Call tracking helps you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by identifying where calls are coming from. By attributing leads to specific campaigns or advertising sources, you can determine which channels are driving the most phone calls and allocate your resources accordingly. This data-driven approach maximizes your ROI and ensures that your marketing efforts are focused on the most effective channels.

If you really want to take your Business Development Centre above and beyond, consider consolidating your various communication channels, such as calls, texts, and emails, into a single platform. This will eliminate the need to switch between multiple tools, allowing your team to provide a seamless experience to customers. Another key piece to seamless and efficient communication is having all your customer data in a central location. Building this information hub empowers your team to access crucial information, such as purchase history, previous interactions, and individual preferences, quickly and easily from the first answer. With a comprehensive view of each customer, your team can provide personalized recommendations and build stronger, long-lasting relationships.

With these strategies in place, your dealership can thrive in today’s competitive market. Remember, it’s not just about the technology – it’s also about empowering your team to deliver individualized and remarkable experiences that will drive customer satisfaction and ultimately boost your dealership’s performance– and that all starts with the first phone call!



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Director, Reynolds Consulting Services

Carl Bennett is the director of North American Consulting Operations and Sales for Reynolds Consulting Services. In his consultant role, Bennett teaches automotive retailers in the U.S. and Canada how to achieve higher levels of success and better results in vehicle sales and F&I. Prior to joining Reynolds and Reynolds more than 15 years ago, Bennett worked in dealerships for 15 years as a general manager, finance director, and sales manager.


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