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3 Phrases to Avoid When Talking to Customers

Article Highlights:

  • Trust can only be earned through actions over time.
  • What's expensive to one customer might be cheap to another, and vice versa.

It pays to know what not to say when you’re having a conversation with a customer. Here are three phrases that can backfire when talking to a customer:

1. “Trust me”

Trust can only be earned through actions over time. If you find yourself asking for a customer’s trust, chances are you’ve already lost it.

2. “I’m going to be honest with you”

This phrase brings into question everything you’ve said to the customer until this point. Like “trust me,” saying “I’m going to be honest with you” puts your credibility at the forefront of your customers’ minds. Instead, try to keep them thinking about the joy of a new vehicle, or the relief of a newly repaired one.

3. “It’s cheap”

Words like cheap, reasonable, expensive, and pricy are all relative terms. What’s expensive to one customer might be cheap to another, and vice versa. No matter what their credit score shows, you never really know what your customer’s perspective is. It’s best to stick to the facts.

Consumers have greater expectations for their in-store experience. Delivering an exceptional customer experience is key in the new retail landscape.

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