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Increase Your Printing Reliability

Printer for Automotive Dealerships
Article Highlights:

  • A down printer can wreak havoc on daily operations.
  • Printer issues tend to get ignored until issues arise.

A down printer can wreak havoc on your daily operations. Fixing paper jams, communication problems, and other issues can eat up your time. What can you do to keep your downtime to a minimum?

  1. Have multiple printers in high print areas. If one printer goes down, all traffic can be routed to the working printer, minimizing the disruption to your business while the down printer is serviced.
  2. Put your printers on a maintenance plan. Look for a plan that covers minor issues such as paper jams all the way up through major component failure. A good maintenance plan can greatly reduce the amount of printer related downtime.

Printers tend to be ignored until issues arise. Staying ahead of printing issues can save you a lot of time and headaches in the long run.

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