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Connected Podcast: Your June 2020 Recap

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  • Touchless car buying, phone experiences, sales data, and service kiosks.
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Touchless car buying, phone call experiences, rethinking sales data, and smart service kiosks— check out June’s Connected podcast episodes!

Episode 30: Providing a Touchless Customer Experience

On this episode, we talk with Doug Wells, general manager at Ray Catena of Edison, about:

  • Dealership innovation to keep employees and customers safe.
  • Strategies to win repeat customer business.
  • Providing a digital experience.

To watch episode 30, click here.


Episode 31: “Calling the Dealership was Worse than My Scratched Up Car”

On this episode, we sit down with Geoff Mercurio, communications specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds, as he talks about a frustrating experience he had as a customer calling into a dealership. He identifies:

  • What caused his frustration throughout the phone call.
  • What could’ve been done differently to improve his experience as a customer.
  • Why it’s important to have one system that connects every department.

To watch episode 31, click here.


Episode 32: Measuring Sales Success

On this episode, Tom Salzman, regional sales director for Naked Lime Marketing, shares which dealership success metrics are critical to focus on in a post COVID-19 environment. He discusses:

  • Challenges with month-over-month and year-over-year reporting.
  • Using market share to steer the ship.
  • How to win market share and keep it.

To watch episode 32, click here.


Episode 33: Streamline Your Service Check-In Process with Smart Kiosks

On this episode, we speak with Tim Palms, general manager at BMW of Honolulu, about the impact smart service kiosks have had on his service department and the customer experience. He discusses:

  • What their evening service rush looks like since installing the kiosks.
  • How his employees and customers feel about their new process.
  • Why adding innovative technology is the only way to stay ahead of the curve.

To watch episode 33, click here.

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