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2023’s Top 5 Fuel Articles

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If the past has proven anything, it’s that dealerships are able to remain strong and adapt to whatever comes their way. 2023 has been no different.  Let’s take a look at the most popular topics from the Fuel Newsletter.

In 2023, we covered a variety of topics. Here are the top articles readers, like you, found most helpful:

2023’s Top Articles and Insights from Fuel:


  1. Operating Differently in Service: Expanding Capacity with the Techs and Space You have

We’ve all heard again and again that customers are comparing every transaction to the ultra-convenient experience they get purchasing on Amazon. But when you’re short on technicians and bays, it can be tough for your service department to live up to those expectations. Getting better or faster at what you’ve always done will only lead to marginal efficiency gains, if any. You need to run your service drive differently to see results.

  1. Operating Differently in Sales: How to Align the Online and In-Store Buying Experience

More and more, both customers and OEMs are pushing for online buying features like chat, credit applications, and payment calculators on dealership websites. Providing these online options isn’t necessarily a problem; the real challenge is combining them seamlessly with your in-store operations. Instead of simply adding online options and hoping for the best, you need to run your sales process differently so you can easily pivot between online and in-store.

  1. New Personal Best

Personal improvement can be physical, mental, spiritual and so much more. For many individuals, getting physically fit is top of mind; but progress requires consistency and dedication. For those that are new to physical activity or just need that extra push, a personal trainer may be a good option. They can help motivate you to be your best. So, what does this have to do with your dealership? Similarly, your chat provider needs to be dedicated to constantly developing its chat’s intelligence to not only be the best, but to continue to beat its personal best.

  1. Four ways to Engage with Waiters in Service

People hate waiting. With overnight shipping, fast food, and quick lube centres, customers expect results in a hurry. Yet, they come to your service department only to sit in boredom while waiting for their vehicle. Take advantage of that time. Engage with them. You spend so much money to get them there – don’t let them go unnoticed.

  1. Recon Roles: Managing Information as a Service Advisor

When coordinating a process that requires a vehicle to change hands and move between departments, establishing good communication is essential to keep things running smoothly. Making sure everyone knows what they need to do and is aware of where things are in the process, allows your project to keep moving forward. Without that information, things can easily get delayed or lost in the shuffle. With vehicle reconditioning, a process with so many people and touchpoints involved, having clear and consistent communication can be uniquely challenging.

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