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4 Tips for Creating Professional Service Videos that Get Results

Article Highlights:

  • Service videos to customers need to be professional and informational.
  • Added transparency with customers helps bring in more dealership profit.

With today’s ever-changing industry, meeting customer expectations and providing a mobile-friendly service experience is more important than ever. One way to meet these demands is to use photos and videos to communicate the work being recommended. Simply put, this video should provide a quick explanation of what the service is and why it’s important.

89% of people say watching a video has helped convince them to buy a product or service.  What’s not mentioned in this stat, is that not all videos are created equal – and not all have the same impact. If not done well, you risk having the opposite effect where the customer doesn’t purchase or never visits again.

Here are some tips and best practices to help you create professional and informational service videos:

1. Organize your recording area.

Ensure the vehicle on the lift is in the correct position and you can see the parts you plan to show. If you want to show examples of what the part should look like in a good working condition, make sure those are handy too. And finally, practice what you are going to say so your dialogue is seamless in the video.

2. Credential yourself.

Start the recording by credentialing yourself and greeting the viewer. Say your name and job title to make the video feel more personable. Say what you are going to cover in the video. Additionally, verify the vehicle. You can share the year, make, and model of the vehicle and show the license plate.

3. Present your findings.

Show the part while you’re speaking about it, and don’t use shop slang. Speak to the customer in language they will understand. You should speak slowly and clearly. Finally, use the appropriate urgency for red and yellow items. Here’s some examples of phrases you could use:

RED: “I really encourage you to get this fixed today” or “This needs addressed as soon as possible”.

YELLOW: “This is something you should consider repairing soon” or “Keep a close eye on this, it will need repaired in the next few weeks or months”.

4. Conclude your video.

When you end your video, it’s important you recap what the customer needs to remember. You went over a lot of information with them, so highlight the important bits! If possible, end on a nice note and compliment their vehicle. Let them know what the next steps are and tell them if they need to perform any actions.

Following these best practices will help ensure you’re sending professional and informational videos to your customers. Vehicle maintenance can be a big investment for customers, so they need to fully understand the repair and why they need it. If you don’t have these two points, they aren’t going to invest money into the repair. Videos will also help you increase transparency with your customers and provide a better customer experience. Strengthen your service communication today and start increasing your service drive profit!

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Product Planning Analyst

Kaitlyn Thum is a Product Planning Analyst at Reynolds and Reynolds.

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