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Customization Options to Improve Your Workflow

Article Highlights:

  • Customizing your software helps streamline operations.
  • Customizations allow you quick access to different applications.

This article was written by Josh Beard, a Software Education Representative.

We are always trying to find more ways to make your life easier, more efficient, and overall more enjoyable while working in ERA-IGNITE. One way we accomplish this is by offering more customization throughout our software, helping you streamline your processes and workflow.

Are you constantly flipping between different stores and applications throughout your day?

There is a quick and efficient way to access your most used applications in ERA-IGNITE, by using Application Navigator. Setting this up is simple, and enables you to get to your most-used applications and stores with a single click.

Configuring Application Favourites in the Application Navigator in ERA-IGNITE

Select the Go To menu from the menu bar and choose Application Navigator. Alternatively, you can select the Application Navigator icon from the icon bar to access the Application Navigator window.

The Application Favourites section of Application Navigator displays up to 100 custom links for your most frequently accessed applications. If you have multiple stores, you can access favourite links for different stores directly from this section, as shown below. Select the Configure button to start setting up your favourites.

Era-Application Navigator

Here, you can create favourite links, customize current links, define Hot Keys, and even set certain applications to run on startup. Once you log into ERA-IGNITE, the applications you’ve selected will open automatically, saving you time and clicks.

ERA-Application Favorites

Customize Your Colour Schemes in ERA-IGNITE

To make life even easier when flipping between different applications and stores, you can customize the colour scheme of the applications you work in so each store is a different colour for easy differentiation.

To access the colour preferences from any screen:

  1. Go to the System Tools
  2. Choose Preferences, then Preferences
  3. In the Colours section in ERA-IGNITE, you’ll find a drop-down list with an option for different colour themes.

Whichever colour you choose affects all applications for that store. Our newest colour scheme is Retail Anywhere.

Retail Anywhere View

Quick, easy, and efficient customization in ERA-IGNITE is right at your fingertips. If you spend a lot of time working in multiple applications across a variety of stores, utilizing some of the features of the Application Navigator and customizing colour schemes can be a great way to improve your workflow.

For more information about software education and training options, visit www.reyrey.ca/training.

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