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4 Reasons Customers Need Your Service

Article Highlights:

  • Find ways to be there for your customers.
  • Your customer’s downtime can be your gain.

With many people and businesses continuing to practice social distancing, things remain slow – including your customers’ schedules. This means their vehicles are not in regular use.  Now is the perfect opportunity to reach out and invite them back into your service drive.

Here are four reasons to reach out to customers:

1. They declined recommended repairs at their last visit.

Before the emergency order went into effect, these recommendations may have been declined because they did not have enough time to get their vehicle worked on. Now, people might have the exact opposite situation, and are itching for something productive to do outside their home.

2. Their vehicle is due for service.

Whether it be a simple oil change, tire rotation, or timely tune-up, get people in your drive so you can look for other recommendations.

3. There is a recall on their vehicle.

These repairs are needed, what better time than the present to complete them? Your current customers will be more likely to say yes since they won’t have to pay for it and it’s a good reason to leave the house for some fresh air.  Asking for warranty business can also help bring in new customers that had a bad experience elsewhere or have never visited a dealership.

4. They have very specific needs because of their age or current situation.

Create different campaigns for certain individuals that are tailored specifically for them. One campaign could be for elderly customers who may have health issues. Another could be targeted toward families with parents working from home while also caring for others.

Make sure your dealership looks like a safe place to visit by making your practices visible online. Clearly define procedures for customers before and after they arrive at your dealership, and make sure to provide hand sanitizer stations throughout your store.

Use your CRM tool or other resources to communicate with customers to schedule an appointment.  Provide the option to pick up the customer’s vehicle or a safe and responsible alternative for the customer to drop off their vehicle.  While the car is being repaired, offer to top off their gas tank and add it to the repair order.


A lot has changed, and continues to change, in the way we all live and do business. That doesn’t mean you can’t find new ways to serve your customers. Often, there are simple solutions to complex problems, and all it takes is time to search for them.

If you don’t have time to search for solutions or would like someone to help walk you through challenges, Reynolds Consulting Services can help. With industry experience and knowledge on best and unique practices, they can help diagnose, understand, and solve your dealership challenges.

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Sean has 11 years of in-dealership experience working in various roles for Fixed Operations. He joined the Reynolds Consulting Services team in 2013 so that he could help improve dealership processes and system utilization. He consults on CRM processes, Retail Sales Operations, and Fixed Operations.

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