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Alex Abramovich

Reynolds Consulting Services

Alex has produced tremendous results in his 10 years as Sales Manager, Finance Manager, and General Manager. He brought his skills to the Reynolds Consulting group in 2012. He is qualified to consult on CRM process improvements and Retail Sales Operations.

Articles by Alex Abramovich:

Service Game

Service is a profit centre, that’s old news. But where are you missing potential profit in service? Take the quiz below to see where your

Handle Calls Professionally

A study done by Forrester Consulting found that inbound phone calls make up over 25% of all sales. These phone customers are buying faster, spending more, and

Ways to Prevent Salespeople from Leaving with Your Cusomters

According to NADA, salespeople in the automotive industry have a turnover rate of 72%. That’s 38% higher than the turnover rate for other industries. Why is

Big Change Yield Big Results

Change is the only constant since the beginning of time. Yet, it remains one of the most difficult things to do. The majority of people

Teach Sales

This month, I want to look at the training you provide your call takers. Whether your inbound sales calls are routed to a BDC or